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Maldini Monday

Twenty three years ago yesterday Nils Liedholm, Milan striker then coach, decided to take a chance on a young son of a former great, Cesare Maldini. The sixteen year old stepped on the pitch against this weekend’s opponent Udinese. Liedholm did not play him again in the 1985 campaign but the following season he was slotted in the left back position alongside the likes of Franco Baresi and Mauro Tassotti. Not a shabby pair to learn from or play with. 600+ appearances later Maldini is now the most capped player in the history of Serie A, overtaking Dino Zoff in 2005, and still counting now until the end this campaign.

People sometimes tend to forget that this guy was a defender, top class. Not just any old type of defender he was a wing back, a position that many have said Maldini revolutionized. Arrigo Sacchi was not satisfied with a simple attack of forward and midfielders, instead he called for his outside full backs to attack the wings and Maldini was born. I will never forget all the times he cruised up the flank knocked the ball into the box and still had the pace to make a sick slide tackle in the back.

With Maldini the wingback was born, and in the process the greatest defender I have ever seen.

"Every player’s dream is to score the best goal ever scored."

Their Nightmare?

Paolo Maldini

No one wants him to leave right Eric?

As always your memories are welcomed, and as I pull off your quotes from the comments I will do my best to quote you and your story.