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Saturday Evening Hangover, The Drinks Just Keep on Comin

UEFA names top eleven and three Rossoneri make the top 11 with one oddly MIA. You read that folks, NO OLD LADIES, NO INTERISTAS (for the moment I a can not consider Zlatan an Interista, he is not Argie so he will be withheld), AND NO ROMAN PRETTY BOYS. Just plain old fashion Champions of Europe. The men of the hour are the one and only man in the back Nesta, the smooth operating Clarence Seedorf, and World Player of the Year Ricky Kaka (who I have a love hate relationship at the moment as many of you know). Missing of the list in favor of Steven F’ING Gerrard is Andrea Pirlo the finest of the midfielders in most of Europe, again no love for the man that is the lynchpin of not one but two World Championship teams, does anyone think he is just getting shafted? (FOR GOD"S SAKE HE CAN FLY).

Flying Pirlo

Bask in the glory boys, you have earned it.

Very special Maldini Monday this time around as Il Capitano is celebrating his 23rd anniversary, I would say that is a close to celebrating your 100th birthday in terms of athletic careers as you can get. The game against Udinese will mark his 23rd year and boy oh boy how good has it been. I will let Maldini Monday’s do the honors on that front.

Pato will try and cash in on his new found success or beginners luck against Toto and Fab Quags. The defense will have their work cut out for them, but hey if you score five who needs defense. It is tough to tell which way this game will sway but if Milan even want to see the left side of the Serie A table they are going to need victory.