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Tuesday Milan Musings

-By the sheer grace of God the trance has been lifted from Silvio Berlusconi! He is no longer madly in love with Ronaldinho, instead he has turned his attention to other players. On top of that he claimed that, "We would not do anything to get him." This can only mean that he was under the influence of some mind altering drug because I could have sworn that he loved Dinho almost as much as Sheva. I am OK over the whole thing and maybe he will turn his wallet towards other things.

-Former diavolo, Marco Borriello, who is now stomping goals in the net at Genoa, has stated that he would not mind making a return to the San Siro. He bagged a brace on Sunday and has proven that he can really score; I would take him back, heck he wouldn’t. He would make a great addition if a big name striker was not added, or if Ronaldo left.

-Speaking of Ronaldo, friend of the blog, and faithful commenter Ro has figured how to keep Ronaldo moving as quickly possible. Check it out after the jump.

Run Ronnie Run

-I have finally settled down after Sunday’s fantastic win over Napoli, and the first of the season on San Siro soil. It was really great to see the team really unify around Pato and working extremely hard to make sure he got his first goal in the Serie A. The game was not without fault though and the 5-2 score line glosses over the loss of a lead on two separate occasions. Lavezzi is a really amazing player and you have to say that his ability to attack the goal is very, very, very good so one goal, or the creation of one is hard to defend against. But allowing Sosa, who has had an abysmal season, score virtually unmarked is a pretty serious issue in my opinion. Bonera did much, much better in the second half with better performances he will continue to earn time in Serie A fixtures. Kaladze was also a bit lost for much of the first half, both covering for Maldini, who has high in the attack, and covering his own space as well. The offense looks great, let’s have the defense follow suit.

-With a fair amount of matches coming up with CL, Coppa Italia, and Serie A; it is very important for everyone to be firing on all cylinders and Carletto to have a ton of players at his disposable. Gila, Pippo, Brocchi, Gourcuff, and even Emerson (GOD I HOPE NOT) will see plenty of action and I hope Carletto keeps a watchful and plays the hot hands in games to come. Imagine a line up looking like close to this.

Gila, Pato, Kaka, Ambro/Seedorf/Gourcuff, Pirlo, Rino, Janks/Maldini, Bonera/Kaladze, Nesta, Cafu/Oddo with Simic and even Gourcuff worked in. If we are not going to get better we may as well season what we have got. Better to lose with your best, than to rest them on the bench if you ask me.