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Milan 5-Napoli 2 Pato, Pato, Pato, Pato

When I was younger there was a song that used to play on Italian radio with a chorus that went quando, quando, quando, quando and as I watched the kid play it somehow reminded me of that song (I posted the video for the song below and when you listen to it go ahead and replace the chorus with Pato and their you have the new Pato anthem, poke fun all you want but I LOVED that song as a kid). Am I sold on his talent? No not yet, but remember I am skeptical guy who needs more than most to be proven satisified. Do I think he is talented? Yes very much so and I really look forward to seeing him in action with Gila upfront as well as Ronaldo. I tell you though it is pictures like this that just make laugh and ask myself how anyone so goofy can save anything?


The rest of the team really pulled it together in the second half with the defense solidfying in the back and Bonera really putting out one of the best performances as a Rossoneri. The midfield clamped down and really held the tempo keeping Hamysk and Gargano contained, does anyone else think that Emerson is the olding look man on Earth and a virtually useless soccer player? Hats off to Ronaldo who scored two goals despite looking sluggish. Good first half by Napoli but the game is ninety minutes and the Rossoneri really played with the urgency to move up in the table.

Where do we go from here? Fluid attacking soccer is a good start. At no point was I worried that Milan would not equalize. They attacked with conviction, and at times exposing the defense, but as you can tell by the scoreline it was all well worth. Carletto needs to throw caution to the wind and continue to work in games for Bonera, more time for Gourcuff, and plenty of action for Pato. Gourcuff showed well in his ten minutes and their is no reason why he can not see more time in place of fading Seedorf, or as the first midfield sub which Carletto uses almost every game.