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Halftime Thoughts

First things first former Milan forward, and supermodel bagging hero Marco Borriello has 10 goals on the season...ten more than our forwards...OK I am kidding but it would have been nice if we kept him.

Back to the task at hand, defense anyone? PK!?? I absolutely hate Rossetti, he may be the worst referee in Italy. He screwed Milan against Roma and before this one is over I may be cursing him again. Then again if you do not make mistakes you do not have to bitch out the ref, Bonera and Kaladze were both out of postion on the first goal and the second was well, you decide.

Is Pato living up to the hype? Well two point blank misses on net and few great shots have yet to convince me. He is trying to do to much and should just stick to playing his game, he will be fine. A savior? Lets not get ahead of ourselves people.

This game is still Milan's for the taking but they have to control the pace, and play defense after scoring goals. I will give a full reivew later if I am sober, coherent, and happy enough. We may need to start a collection for my growing drinking habit due to AC Milan, someone call Silvio.