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Saturday Evening Hangover, Hey it was a Long Day

Joe does a fine job previewing the game here so I will not say much in terms of a preview. It seems to be the same thing all the time, we need a win, we need to score, we need to play defense, and for God's sake we need to save balls that are shot on net! Seriously though, we really need to buck up and win here for the sake of the squad.

I have not said much since my Pato rant and have not really calmed down so there is not much I can say here either. I just hope that he does not get hurt from the shattering tackles I am sure he is going to receive from the Napoli backline, a strong gutsy performance will go a long way in starting to win me over.

The transfer window front has been entirely too quiet and very anticlimatic. Ronaldo is still on the books and will be until July and Dida, for all I know, will be in the pipes tomorrow so there is little word of any help coming any time soon. With 18 points on the season it is the single worst start of the for the Rossoneri since being back in Serie A on 1983, and they have to start small one win at a time, the champioship is long lost but fourth place and a Champions League spot is not. Rino has made it very clear that Milan can achieve that goal but its a long hard road.

I love my motherland of Naples, but FORZA MILAN!