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I'm Really Upset

Well I did my best to refrain on commenting on the entire Pato situation assuming that if I just did not talk about it would go away, but alas the offside website has proved a hot bed for Pato musings and I feel like I can no longer continue my silence on this subject. I guess this is rightfully so because to be quite honest with you I am really, really, really pissed off. First things first, I never wanted this kid; I don’t like this kid, and really have no allegiance towards him whatsoever. He does not signify AC Milan; he has not proved anything to me, and the gall to say he will score two goals against a Napoli side that has had a very pleasant season is just plain dumb. Until he does anything remotely exciting, like say make good on his promise, or more importantly in my eyes find a way to keep Maldini around for many more years, I will be a non-believer. Much like the old saying "innocent until proven guilty," you can say Pato is in my eyes, "worthless until proven worthy."

Now that I have expelled those piles of rage, I can not turn my anger toward the Milan front office most importantly Uncle Fester. It is because of them that we have hailed and deified Pato as a savior, and instead of creating a humble soccer prodigy, ala Lionel Messi, it seems we have begun to feed an impressionable child most certain BS. Does anyone really believe that Pato is the next Kaka? I mean does Kaka need a next Kaka? Why are we even trying to replace Kaka, when many other positions need an overhaul? Does anyone else notice the errors in logic that is surrounding us here? I have always respected Milan, and I have felt that as a team they have respected fans as well as their players, which is truly a feat in modern sports, but lately I have been let down. Instead of finding ways to better the team, improve quality of play, and make the team a proverbial contender in all competitions they have forgotten what it is like to build a "real team." The peak of Rossoneri success has never involved starlets or over priced has-beens, it has been a mixture of humble, strong role players and successful youngsters brought up through the system. Remember even Sheva was a bit under the radar compared to Pato. Let the big clubs outbid each other for these "marketable big names," and fall into that trap, I do not want any part of it. I understand that all good teams come to end, and maybe I am being a bit unrealistic and overly noble here, but I do not feel the path we are travelling will not bring much success now or in the future. Give guys like Aubomayeng, Gourcuff, Gila, and Bonera a chance to play endless minutes proving themselves as Rossoneri. Well I am literally exhausting from my ranting, and I hope I have made some sense in conveying my thoughts on this.