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Tuesday Milan Musings, "A New Year brings New Players?"

There is no better way to kick off the New Year than with some cold hard transfer window speculation and regular old Milan Musings.

Disclaimer: speculation is exactly that!

-Ronaldinho: I am as sick of this transfer rumor as I have ever been. Since the summer Silvio, Uncle Fester and the rest of Milan brass have been salivating after the "has-been" golden ball winner. I do personally believe that his best days are behind him and his playing style does not necessarily fit the Milan system. He could not coexist with Kaka on the national team what makes people think he can do so at Milan. If we have pledged allegiance to Kaka than he should be our main man, not ‘Dinho, and lest we not forget another Brazilian "has been" that we go stuck with…Ronaldo…and wait there is more…Rivaldo. Come on Fester learn from past mistakes already.

-Amelia: He is quality a goalie more in the form of Peruzzi, keg, than Buffon, bottle, but regardless he plays well between the pipes. Italians have always been world renowned for the keepers and it disgusts me that so many teams are turning to Brazilian keepers, he would make a nice addition to the squad, but then again so would Abbiati, who is already on the books.

-Gomes: The Brazilian PSV keep has been rumored a favorite of Fester & Co. REMINDER: Dida is Brazilian, he is no longer good, let’s switch nationalities please.

-Benzema: This kid has talent, and in my eyes is way more Zidane than Gourcuff will ever be (I hate to judge Gourcuff with so little playing time). Benzema would be a nice addition, but again, may not find a spot to call his own on the squad, but man doesn’t he sometimes remind you of Ibra?

-Keita: Watch and then say please.

-Drogba: I can not stress how much I want this man on the squad. Just watch Chelsea play without him, and you realize how important he is, he flat out changes games and works very hard. I do not want to hype him up anymore but if things go accordingly I will get my wish…which leads me to the


-If Drogba does come to Milan there is a possibility that his old pal Jose Mourninho may join him. It is no secret that Carletto will probably not be back next year, I love him to death but it is time for a change. He has done very little evolving over the years, and in my eyes has neglected the youth of the squad. He has brought us much success, but along with the boys in the front office has left us in a bit of a pickle. I like Mourinho, he is brash, he does what he wants, and does not really give a rat’s ass about what anyone thinks, that my friend is a quality manager. As Maldini retires and an era of Rossoneri is ending, what better way to usher in a new regime than a new manager and striker.

-Ronaldo may not leave for Flamengo after all, that means we are stuck with El Gordo until at least June. But alas there is still time for his departure the transfer window runs through January.

-Pato will be arriving in the new year and only time will tell if we are considering him a success or a bust. It all depends on Carletto’s willingness to play him or sit him that will make all the difference.