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Friday Milan Musings

-A 2-2 draw to Dinamo Kiev yesterday saw pizza faced wonder boy Alex Pato score his first goal in the rossoneri while goaless Gila ended his drought of what seemed liked years. Milan's makeshift lineup included Pato, Emerson, Aubemayeng, and even third keeper who has not played in eons Valerio Fiori. Ancelotti went on to praise Pato, while the press on the other hand praised Fiori for supposedly keeping Milan in the game. I am glad this was not televised.

-Ronaldo has flown to Brazil to check his mystery thigh injury. His personal physio claims Milan mishandled the injury and Ronaldo wants to speak to someone he can trust. This is all a bit odd and shady to me and I just hope someone figures something out ASAP. Ronaldo is set to play next Sunday regardless of his globe trekking doctor visits. Even he does not play than it is time to sound the injury alarm because that leaves of quite void of strikers, way to go Uncle Fester.

-Tomorrow the Azzuri take on France, expect all hell to break loose for some reason or another. Luca Toni has been ruled out so expect a Super Pippo appearance. Any guesses on which body part other than his foot will be used to score against France?

-Last but not lease Francesco Coco, former Milan man who was once said to be the heir apparent of the Captain himself Paolo Maldini is now teamless and appears to be heading to MLS. Well Coco, look on the brightside, it could be Saudi Arabia. As an RBNY fan I say pick him up, he cannot be worse than what is going on back there right now.