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Tuesday Milan Musings

I have just returned from the Revs vs. Railhawks US Open Cup Semifinal. After watching an overtime thriller with three red cards I feel the need to bitch about Milan.

-The San Siro brass has praised their five Rossoneri internationals. Pippo, Ambro, Oddo, Pirlo & Rino will be suiting up against France and then again against Ukraine. I can imagine three of the five starting with Pippo on deck against France. Ambrosini will most likely get the nod in the Ukraine game. Six other players have been called to international duty, the plane left for Brazil today. But who can forget Janks and Kaladze as well, high fives all around.

-Apparently Ronaldo’s injury has no signs of healing and I am beginning to wonder what goes on. He was supposed to be ready this weekend, but that kind of slipped under the rug. I would expect his return on the upcoming Serie A weekend.

-Milan will play a friendly this Thursday against old pals Dynamo Kiev. Why? I have no idea, probably a game for the youth/B squad.

-Platini’s love fest for Milan continues as he continues to write love letters of praise to Galliani. I expect paparazzi photos of the upcoming dinner dates shortly. I always picture Uncle Fester with a Brazilian woman, not French man, but hey to each his own.

-Carletto has defended the team’s poor performance on Monday by saying a draw and UEFA Super Cup is a good weekend. I cannot help but feel he could have played his cards a bit better and gotten two wins. He could have played some different guys here and their so the fatigue was no so apparent, I can see myself calling for his head again shortly. Hats off to the Viola though, they look strong, with a ton of potential to get stronger.