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MILAN 1- VIOLA 1, Super Cup Hangover

I found today’s game very difficult to judge, it was quite obvious that the first half was much more complete than the second, but then again, as I reflect, the first half was not all that great either. First of all, a bunch of the first team looked sluggish, I can understand Ancelotti wanting to win both games, but a little shake up here or there would not have hurt. Pippo for Gila was an obvious move, but Ambrosini could have used a breather and maybe even Janks or Oddo. Carlo seems to forget how much work his wingbacks do on a gamely basis, and they probably need a rest more than others.

With that being said, the first team looked very well together in the first half but it was easy to see that as Milan wore down, the Viola were quite content with pushing the counter. By the start of the second half Mutu had space on top of space through the flanks and in the middle, this lack of coverage resorted in a ton of Gattuso fouls/tackles. The Viola goal was pure lack of defensive cover and pretty big gaffer by Ambrosini, who at that point in the game looked drained both physically and mentally. Carlo did make his subs but late, bringing on Cafu and Emerson who struggled mightily to work themselves into the game. On a side note, Dida looked atrocious tonight and on the brink of hiding in his own net at times, what gives?

I have to admit that both sides worked hard enough to earn a draw but if Milan continues that sloppy, sluggish play things will not look so good. I do think though that with today’s performance we can beat a lower tier team, but always better safe than sorry.

Congrats to the regulars that got call ups for Euro weekend. I am thrilled to see Ambro still in the mix but after today’s game he may not get the start, the midfield is strong and playing time will always be at premium. Former Milan keep, Abbiatti, received a call but pulled out last minute, not sure why at this point. I am sure Oddo will get the nod on D while Pirlo and Gattuso round out the middle, it is tough tell of The Don will start Pippo but I expect him to see time against France for his veteran abilities.