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Milan 1- Catania 1


First things first, that little button should be pressed furiously right now. Yes Kaladze's handball was a handball, was it intentional? No, could he have avoided it? Again probably not, but if you had to say Milan was cursed right now I would probably have to agree with you. The unluckiness in the last 180 minutes of calcio has been obscene. THREE CROSS BARS IN TWO GAMES!!!

But if you play well luck is not a factor and the first forty minutes were absymal. Seedorf was the only one playing in the first half, but he could not manage a single attack on net with the rest of the offense. The passes were not existent and Catania had free reign on the flanks. Kalac, Bonera, and Favalli did not have a great start and with that the game sort of slipped.

The second half was a different story as Carletto switched to two strikers. I personally like this lineup much better with Kaka behind two strikers and Seedorf wide left, it just makes more sense and at least poses more of a scoring threat. The problem is that there are no more strikers on the bench. Pippo and Gila have absolutely no cohesion and leads me to ask where is Wily Aubameyang? It is time to get some basic ball movement around the box and some shots on goal, it seems like they are trying to do to much in the box. The movement was good but as the theme has been all year, the finishing has not.

Celtic comes up on Wednesday and I hope that Carletto goes with the lineup from the last minute today with Janks in place of Favalli. That may be the only chance against a strong Celtic team. Don't be surprised if ex Rossoneri Donati gets really riled up for this one. With five goals in three games it makes me wish he was still plying his trade at the San Siro.

6 games, 7 is going to be a long season.