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Milan 1-Palermo 2, Wasted Chances

Well things have somehow managed to get worse. 4 games yielding only 3 points means that things are heading south quickly for the Euro Champs. Another ninety minutes gave another slew of missed chances on net. Scoring only one goal in an entire half of sustained pressure will not help seal and game, let alone a decent team like Palermo.

The most concerning thing about this whole run of play is only four goals in four games. The striking option is just not there, and neither is anyone picking up the slack. Pirlo had a fantastic game but after that the rest of the team trailed off quickly. The defense just looked out of place, and consistent mistakes led to Palermo goals.

I understand that the team has worked very hard and played a ton of minutes as of late, but that is why Carletto should keep shaking things up until he finds an eleven he can hang onto, or just win with. Two more games upcoming, Catania and Celtic, means things do not get much easier, but the results have to get better. Other than disgusted there is not much more that I can say.