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5 Reasons Kaka should be transferred

1. Money: The amount cash that Real Madrid is presumably willing to spend could easily be invested in a myriad of other needs at the San Siro. Most importantly a striker, once that need has been covered then the brass can focus on defenders under 30 and a goalie who has the confidence to catch the ball in mid-air. I vote for a one Didier Drogba to join the team; he has the Serie A build (see #2) and was a Mourinho man. If Mourinho goes to Inter, we need to make sure Drogba comes here. If Drogba falls through, Milan can then return focus on Eto or the other cast of transfer characters, with a decent amount of financial backing on the offer.

2. Toughness: Kaka is not cut for the physical demands of Serie A, Serie is very much akin to the EPL where only the strong survive. Kaka spends a lot of time on his rear, which at times is very beneficial because it gives Pirlo a chance on goal, but the majority of his Serie A goals come off PK’s. His style works wonders in the Champions League, where the game is freer flowing and the players more talented. Stack him up against a second rate thug defender from the Serie A cellar, and then you have a problem. It is a miracle he has not been badly injured yet.

3. Hot Sell: If Kaka was a stock he is pretty high right now, better to sell than on he downward spiral. I am not suggesting a downward for spiral, but his form at this point is not all that hot and I much rather get maximum cash, again from Real, than them saying well he was good last season.

4. System: I personally believe that Milan is need of a midfield readjustment. Pirlo’s creativity is at times limited to the defensive half of the field because of the Carletto Xmas tree formation. Without Kaka, Pirlo could assume that high midfielder role, while a player like Ambrosini or Emerson, hang down in front of the defense. This will also free up space for players like Gourcuff who gain nothing sitting on the bench game in and game out.

5. "The Kaka Effect": I may get bitched out for this, but my theory regarding the striker’s inconsistency has to do with Kaka. Kaka plays a role that is almost purely unique to his style of play. Bear with me here, he plays a bit higher than Ronaldinho and bit lower than Totti. Ronaldinho is a distributing creative force, and Totti is a goal-poaching monster in and around the goal box, Kaka is a lost in a space where he neither passes to the strikers or scores game in and game out in the box. Because of his presence players like Seedorf, Gattuso, and Pirlo look to feed Kaka, who then proceeds to attack the goal instead of dish to the strikers. Kaka needs to either be retreated or pushed forward but I am beginning to believe he can do neither.

As always your thoughts on such a hot topic are welcomed.