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Milan 1- Parma 1, Game Recap

I know it’s early, but the scudetto is a delicate race that can easily be lost before December rolls around. It is especially easy to lose it when your are tying teams that you are supposed to beat, Parma and Siena, if you only get one point in those games are you going to three from the big boys. Probably not, and that’s why this first month of the campaign is looking a bit in crisis.

I knew that the team was going to have a hard time competing in all competition due to the collective age and lack of depth, but what makes matters worse is the absolute lack of creativity on offense and in the starting elevens. In games that start Brocchi and Emerson it is hard to distinguish where on earth the passes to the forwards will come from, I will give credit to Ambrosini who has really picked up his game as of late but he and Pirlo really need Seedorf and Kaka back to their old selves again. Kaka has looked rusty and has struggled to work his way into games. He may be the best player on the pitch in the Champions League, but Serie A is not his thing. Seedorf started almost identically last season, so he should heat up in January, but until then can we afford the poor form and poorer results, NO!

Yesterday was also a true testament of the old adage, "If you do not score, you cannot win." More importantly if you do not finish, you cannot win. I know Pippo scores one of six chances on net, but yesterday was a travesty. He had a handful of serious gaffers against a Parma team that really had no business being down only 1-nil. The finishing has to get better, it lacks the ruthlessness in the box that makes teams win five nothing, and the sad part is it will not get any better with Ronaldo or Pato. Can someone please call Chelsea and order one Didier Drogba please?

I am not pressing the panic button already but two straights draws against teams that should be demolishing is a bit unnerving to me. The results have to get better fast or else the only thing the tifosi will be rooting for is the Champions League, but if you play like yesterday in the CL, that place will not last long either.