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Friday Milan Musings, The Mourinho Effect

Unlike a lot of Milan tifosi, I do not Jose on the sidelines of the Rossoneri, the Nerazzuri is another strory though. With that being said I do believe that a few of the Chelsea big names could potentially make their way over to the San Siro good guys.

Sheva is most definetly out of the questions because Roman loves him in a weird way, and Jose did not. Part of me thinks that this Sheva debacle may be partly to blame for the Roman-Jose break up. I would definetly expect Sheva and even Ballack to get more playing time especially with the African Nations Cup on the horizon.

This leads to me the one and only Ivorian Assasin, and my favor striker in the world, Didier Drogba. Drogba LOVED Jose, and Jose LOVED Drogba. In fact many rumors said that the only reason Drogba stayed put was Jose, eliminate that factor from the equation. Add in equal parts of terrible Milan strikers and all of the sudden you can see a January window that brings Pato in for good, and Drogba right alongside. Oh how happy a Milan fan I would be be. GOODBYE Ronaldo, Pippo to the bench, and Gila on rotation. I smell a plan a brewin.