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Siena 1- AC MILAN 1

I have yet to see the game due to a wedding yesterday, but after reading some of the game summaries it is probably a good thing. Carletto's formation, below, was a bit better than expected, and it did feature Gourcuff, but apparently things did not go as well as planned. A Dida/Kaladze gaffer led to a Siena lead, making me wonder if Dida is returning to his former shell shocked self. The only saving grace was a Nesta goal that led to a draw and one point.

Milan: Dida; Cafu, Nesta, Kaladze, Favalli (Jankulovski 61); Gattuso (Inzaghi 46), Emerson (Ambrosini 65), Brocchi; Gourcuff, Seedorf; Gilardino

I have said this in the past, but Milan need better results against the Siena'a Seria A so that you can afford a tie hear or there against the big boys. A tie with Siena and a loss against a squad like Juve threatens your scudetto chances mightily.

Tuesday kicks of the Champions League season for Milan. They will meet former teamate Rui Costa at home against Benfica, stay tuned for a match preview.