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Siena Preview

Carletto has made it very clear that he will be resting some of the big guns for the weekend match-up in Siena. I am all for a good rotation of players that will keep everyone fresh and ready, but I am bit apprehensive with the projected lineup:

Bonera, Nesta, Kaladze, Jankulovski;
Gattuso, Emerson, Brocchi, Seedorf;
Inzaghi, Gilardino

I would prefer to see Cafu, Simic, or even Favalli in place of Bonera. Bonera has not done much to prove his is wing back material, let alone center back material. Heck I would even move Kaladze out there, and Bonera inside. What my big gripe is the lack of creativity in the midfield, Carletto is essentialy playing three ball winners, and one ball hanlder in Seedorf. Why not give Gourcuff a run? I know this lineup is only probable, but if it is the end result I would not expect all that much.