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Azzuri Observations, and OH YEAH Milan Musings

All is well in Azzuri land tonight as the WC Champs beat Shevchenko, I mean Ukraine 2-1. Sheva played out of his mind and I can not tell you how many times I wished he was still wearing the old red and black. The game was not without faults though, and first and foremost was the defensive gaffers. Canna, Barzagli, Zambrotta, and Aquilani were all guilty, at some point, of a mistake that led to a Ukrainian chance on goal, the goal itself was a comedy of errors that just made me want to scream clear the ball at the TV, can’t blame The Don on that one. I wonder how Canna has taken his nosedive from grace, it seems like he is still trying so hard.

The Don can be blamed though for Camo and Perrotta stinking up the joint in the first half, I know he did not have Gattuso but I would have much rather see DeRossi in some form of midfield role than Perrotta who honestly looked lost. I could have stomached an Aquilani start because I did not feel he was able to establish himself in the short time he played. I feel that once The Don finds a key four in the midfield he will stick with it, but I have yet to see a game where you can honestly say that was a solid midfield. Di Natale and Iaquinta worked wonderfully, two masterful passers from Rossoneri maestros led to two solid goals for Di Natale whose positioning all night was impeccable.

I also have to admit that I was skeptical of Panucci but I truly forgot how solid a player he real is, to think he has less than fifty caps is a shame. To bad Italy is good at producing wingbacks, I can honestly that Oddo or Panucci can make that flank work, if Zambrotta can back to the level of the WC, those backs will be a force. The Don lives to see another day.

This week of Azzuri madness has made me forget that I write about AC Milan so here are the odds and ends:

-Ronaldo has really pissed off Ancelotti who is supposedly looking at French striker Nikolas Anelka as a January replacement. This is all just great, Big Ron comes in and complains about the staff, flies to Brazil to have Growth Therapy (which involves what many people consider BLOOD DOPING!!!!), and then has the gall to bitch about the whole ordeal. I am kind of glad that Carletto is mad, but remember he is one of three strikers on the squad right currently, so please kiss and make up until January.

-Emerson says he needs to get fit, or what many Milan fans heard instead. "I am not past prime and washed up; I just need to go to Brazil for some Big Ron style blood doping." I do admit that The Old Cat has not really been all that great, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt because his services will come in handy in keeping Pirlo, Gattuso, and Ambro rested with the influx of upcoming games.

-Speaking of upcoming game, the next fixture is Siena. Carletto may show a mixed line up with a lot of guys returning from National team duty. I would expect Gila to start, and I would not be surprised with an appearance from Gourcuff and maybe even Cafu. I just think Carletto will get the big boys rest whenever possible with the CL coming up shortly.