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Saturday Morning Hangover

Congrats to AC Milan UEFA Super Cup champs. Hats off to everyone for making it a memorable game, with both teams sporting Antonio Puerta’s name on the bottom of their jerseys. Sevilla started off this game with a bang and by the looks of things were going to leave the Rossoneri in the dust. Once the two teams settled in however, it was the Red and Black that showed why they were the Champions of Europe.

Ancelotti went in favor of the same lineup as the weekend but replaced Gila with Pippo, I was actually a bit surprised to see such a strong side with the Viola so close. Carletto did not even bring a sub until the 75 minute or so which was even stranger. Inzaghi led off the scoring late in the first half and then Janks scored a screamer of an amazing through ball from Pirlo. Pirlo won man of the match honors, in what I believe was his best game since the World Cup. Kaka created the last goal with quick inside and an awful foul; I am beginning to wonder if Kaka will start to get that goal no matter what. I wish I had kept a tally of Kaka takedowns in the box. The problem this time around was that he missed the PK but scored nicely on the rebound. Just a solid game all around that I hope can continue in the Serie A.

As I said before Monday’s game with the Viola is pretty big considering how early in the season it is. If Milan can pull three from this game it will make for a nice message and a good start to pulling points from the big boys of the league. Last season Milan lost or tied all their games with the big four and this season they know that without some points in those games the league will always be out of reach. I expect Carlo to go with the same lineup as yesterday, with possibly Ronaldo up front and maybe an appearance from Cafu? Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend, I am off to Long Island to see my attend the hitching (wedding) of my college roommate. In the words of Vince Vaughn, "Frank here was staring at a white picket fence. Now he's single, he's broke, and has second degree burns all over his body. And I see a spark in his eye that I haven't seen in fifteen years." I hope its not you buddy, I hope it’s not you.