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Thursday Milan Musings, UEFA Edition

-The UEFA Supercup will go forth as scheduled in honor of the fallen Sevilla player, Antonio Puerta. Ronaldo and Emerson have been declared fit for the match and I see them getting a lot of playing time with the big game against Fiorentina coming up on Monday. Emerson can finally show his undying love for the team on the pitch and not just on the podium. I would also expect to Gourcuff, Brocchi, and Simic in the mix but then again Ancelotti may play hard for this one.

-Milan has drawn Celtic, Benfica, and Shaktar Donsek in the Champions League draw for next season. Kaka, Maldini, and Seedorf were giving awards at the draw with Kaka taking home the UEFA club footballer of the year honor, congrats to Kaka. I am excited for the Milan v. Celtic match up which seems to happen almost every year and always produces good tight games.

-Monday’s game against the Viola will be a real litmus test to see if this Milan time has what it takes against the big boys. The win against Genoa was nice but beating a newly relegated team is nothing like beating a big club and Milan has to do that on Monday. I know it’s early in the campaign but if you can take three points from the big boys the scudetto inches that much closer. I would expect a strong lineup for Ancelotti probably the same formation as the Genoa tie, because of the weekend off with the Azzuri hosting France.