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IT STARTS, Milan 3 Genoa 0

It looks like Carlo has been reading THE OFFSIDE OFFICIAL AC MILAN PREVIEW because here is his starting lineup.

MILAN: Dida; Oddo, Nesta, Kaladze, Jankulovski; Gattuso, Pirlo, Ambrosini; Kakà, Seedorf; Gilardino.

Carlo also reads the THE OFFSIDE OFFICIAL AC MILAN PREVIEW for subs:

Milan: Dida; Oddo, Nesta, Kaladze, Jankulovski (Favalli 89); Gattuso (Brocchi 74), Pirlo, Ambrosini (Gourcuff 83); Kakà, Seedorf; Gilardino

In my opinion not enough time on the pitch for Gourcuff, I understand Carlo wanted to get Gattuso out and Ambrosini, but it is OK to give Kaka a little rest in 3-0 game after scoring a brace.

The goal-scoring was kicked off by Ambrosini in a lightining quick first half for Milan. Kaka netted the other two goals. Gilardino again played a great game but could not find the back of the net; I am beginning to think he is flat out unlucky. I mean he just missed chance after chance.

In terms of game importance, it is great to start the season off so fast but remember this is just Genoa. Juve slammed Livorno yesterday, while Udinese scored a point from Inter today. Roma will play Palermo to round out the big four. Hope everyone enjoyed the first of many Super Sundays.