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Thursday Milan Musings

-The Azzuri were handed their rears in a friendly against Hungary. I know it was just a friendly, I know the lineup was not all that strong, but like Gigi Buffon said, these games are important and the team has to but some heart into it. I was only able to watch the first half, and it was not all that bad, but apparently the second half is where everything unraveled. I have heard that Ambrosini was not so good, but Oddo was OK, at least one Massimo came to play. I will give a more detailed overview when I watch, but if this keeps up The Don will be out and France will smoke the remains.

-Hats off to Brocchi for saying why not me to the Rossoneri brass. Brocchi intends to wholeheartedly challenge Emerson for playing time. This is great, I am not a huge Brocchi fan, and I will never forget his mistake against Man U in the Champions League semi’s but I like player with hunger and intensity and if Emerson makes him have it than that’s great. On a side note, Emerson who has played for Juve and was courted by Inter has pledged all his love and affection to AC Milan. I wonder if he went to Inter, if he would have pledged his love to them as well.

-Ronaldo will be out of action for the first few weeks of the season due to a knee injury. That means that the two striker system will probably be out in favor of the x-mas tree. I personally prefer the 4-3-2-1 formation, and I am curious to see how Gila works out up there with Pippo waiting in the wings. Hope Ronaldo comes back strong and healthy though because we may very well need him with the lack of striker depth.

-Milan fans have been banned from Genoa during the season opener, and I hope it teaches everyone a lesson about hooliganism. Thanks to Martha for the quality coverage.