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Tuesday Milan Musings

-Congrats to Roma for destroying the Argie Allstars & Amigos. At times Roma showed some flashes of style but this is still preseason, albeit late preseason. I have not gone back on my scudetto pick and wish Roma luck. Inter on the other hand lacked any form of midfield play whatsoever. Stankovic and Figo were the only midfielders with a semblance of wanting to play, even though they really did not do much. How awesome was it to watch old man Figo crank out that run but lost it in the end, at least you have Ibra my Interista amigos. Ex-Milan target Suazo looks fast as lighting, but nervous. Mancini has called for reinforcements and hopefully they are of the midfield kind because Inter won’t last with that lineup.

-The Emerson saga rolls on and on with no real resolution in sight. Maybe it will just fade into the sunset and know one will remember it even happened.

-Ex-Milanista Massimo Donati has found much success at Celtic and I want to say nice work. It is hard to believe he could not find that streak in Serie A, but it goes to show how different the game is all over the world. I wish Milan had loaned him out instead of sold him so when he becomes we could rein him back in, but oh well we can always get Oliveira back, IDIOTS.

-European SuperCopa Friday. Milan will play Sevilla with the hopes of a victory. I will try to post what I can as I search high and wide to watch the game.

-The Captain has planned a Sept return from a very successful knee surgery and subsequent rehab. I always want him on the pitch but I find it unnecessary to rush him back. If he played only in the Champions League and cup games I would be OK with it, as I said before I would rather a partially fit Paolo than a fully fit Bonera, let Bonera hone his skills in the Serie A.

Please check out this goal, it’s not Milan but it is freaking sweet: