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Sunday Morning Hangover

-Football Italia has named the top 25 youngest players in Italy, and Milan has only one. That player is French starlet Gourcuff. This can not be good, traditional power teams like Juve and Fiorentina have a ton of players and it worries me to think that a team like Juve will continue to grow in strength and further populate the Azzurri. Milan does have the tendency to buy these established players such as Pirlo, but the trend has gone away from selling talent between powerhouses.

-Emerson continues to sweat Milan and I think he is actually starting walking to the San Siro, I just hope when he get there he is so tired he walks into the Inter side of the stadium. This just seems like one of those pest like rumors that just will not go away until El Puma is wearing the Rossoneri.

-I have not reported much on the rollercoaster Milan preseason because I do not find much good in preseason games. The squad is usually second rate and the games are more or less tune ups for formation and players vying to make the squad. I am a bit worried that the team won the Berlusconi Trophy which in the past has meant that they will not win the Scudetto, oh well, curses are meant to be broken.

- The season opens against Genoa and Milan Tifosi may not be allowed to make the trip because of the murder twelve years ago. I am big fan of preventative maintenance, and doing something like this teaches a lesson. It is unfair to the players, but is probably the only way to show fans that the FIGC means business

-Inzaghi has been recalled to the Azzurri and I say nice job. Pippo knows his role and when given the chance the man produces. His recalls will not last forever, but I hope he makes the best of his chances.