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Serie A Exodus

I wanted to take all this boredom and put it to good use, but alas laziness has taken its toll as well. I will be posting an AC Milan season preview in the coming days but right now I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on the flight of talent leaving Serie A to play abroad.

It all stated last season when captain Canna and wingback Zambrotta left newly relegated Juve to join teams in La Liga. Neither player had a sparkling campaign but it has opened the doors for other Serie A big names, and small, to leave the boot as well. This transfer period has seen Lucarelli, Bianchi, Toni, and Donati leave Italy and leave the door open for other exits. Donati, Toni, and Bianchi have contributed instantly with goals for their new teams and I asked myself if this was a good thing or bad?

In my opinion it is not all that bad, it is well known that there are top tier leagues such as EPL, Serie A, and La Liga, and even the Bundesliga to some extent, that get players from feeder leagues such as Brazil, France and Argentina. I would not consider Serie A a feeder league by any means, but this exit of young and veteran talent is good for Italy because it puts their players on a larger stage and also opens the door for younger talent to fill the holes left by the migrants. Also feeder leagues tend to have much more success internationally because their players are abroad plying their trade and honing their skills. Beckham is one of the only English NT players abroad and the team suffers because of that, if Italian teams export young talent and then reign them in again it may prove to beneficial for the Azzuri as a whole. Just a thought on my part, stay tuned for my AC Milan season preview and my take on the Italian Supercup. I hope Roma wastes Inter.