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The Boredom is Killing Me...

I do not even know what to write about anymore. I was tempting to start blogging articles about the youth soccer team I coach. There is only so much reporting I can do on Milan's bipolar 'Dinho love affair. I have no doubt in my mind that he will wear a Rossoneri jersey at some point in the future, I am just afraid he will have a walker by then. The only hope for me is that Silvio gets a man crush on some other Brazilian player.

Speaking of Brazilian player Milan have officially told Emerson to stay home, pause for applause. This is great news because it will allow Gourcuff and Ambrosini some more playing time, I was kind of warming up to the Motta idea but oh well.

In my last post I predicted ROMA to win the Scudetto and a few Roma fans, yes Roma fans, said they did not believe me. I thought I made my reasons fairly clear, so it leads me to ask who are your Scudetto favorites and why?