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Monday Milan Musings, Lets do some Guessing

I want to use today’s hungover state to make a few predictions about the upcoming Seria A campaign. I would like take a look at the four teams I feel will be in the CL spots and ultimately who will win the Scudetto.

AC MILAN: I have to frankly say that I love my team and I want them to win every possible game and cup they are involved in. Realistically speaking Milan have done close to nothing to better themselves for a very long campaign, the squad is aging and so is the bench. There is a very capable backup at every single position on the pitch but capable and world class is a very different story. Milan will finish in the top four my guess is three, and will probably not win the Scudetto without a miracle of some sort, such as Inter being banned from playing soccer for having to many Argentines. The CL is another story and I feel Milan ALWAYS have a legitimate shot at winning this trophy. This is a tournament that rewards craftiness, experience, and past winners; who better than AC Milan, semifinals is almost definite.

INTER FC: I may bad mouth Inter on a daily basis but this team is scary good. They can start Zlatan and Suazo in front, a good mix of midfielders, and a defense that scores goals this team can only blame themselves if they do not repeat. The only fault I see with Inter is their defense, they will give up goals to good attacking teams, they will score as well but 4-3 is still a loss even if you score three nice goals. Mancini is a cry baby but he gets results, if he can keep this ship together they will do very well, first or second in Seria A is almost definite. CL is possible for Inter and I know they are hungry for it but they lack experience on the pith and on the bench, they will definitely show well again.

AS ROMA: In my eyes Roma is the only team that can surpass Inter in the Serie A. This is a team that attacks extremely well and has a good mix of youth and leadership. They had Inter’s number last year and in a close race I see Roma coming out on top. Totti is hungry for this as well since he wants to prove his critics wrong, and an angry Totti is scary Totti, unless he spits in someone’s face and gets suspended for the season. Not barring any major injury losses this is my pick for the Scudetto. CL is a difficult when you are in first place in your domestic league, ask Inter. I just hope they bow out a bit more gracefully than last season’s thrashing at Man U.

FIORENTINA: Is my fourth place pick, last year’s point deduction doomed them to the middle of the table but this team is very good and with the addition of old man Bobo, Mutu, and Pazzini this team will score and win plenty. I also have high hopes for them in the UEFA cup and their qualification for CL.

It was very hard not to factor Juve into these four because you know they will be gunning for the top of the table, Ranieri is a great coach and the team is solid. The only real issue I see with Juventus is the depth of the bench, I know the Scudetto is their only goal so mid weeks ties will be few and far between but I just think it will take a while to get back into the swing of things for this team. I will definetly say a top ten finish is a close to definite. Lazio will also be close to tops in the table because they are a very good team without many key losses, they will have to start off faster than last season though to hang with the big boys and make some noise in the CL. Palermo will make a drop off this season following their downward trend from last season. They just seem like they are in consistent disarray. My leading goal scorer is going to be Fab Quags at Udinese, and the biggest flop this season will be David Suazo, because I love Milan and he loves Inter.