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Im back and not all that happy

My Uniti Della Maglia experience was fantastic; in fact just being at the San Siro was pretty awesome. My expectations for the ceremony were very high and most of them were met, it was very cool to see all the fans in the jerseys in and the players mixed which all made for a very cool experience. Definitely something every team should try and do because the atmosphere was amazing.

OK enough sentimental memories because while in the boot a lot of things happened, most importantly the signing of Pato. I was surprised to hear all the negativity, as many fans were very upset with the amount of money given as well as the amount of publicity. The general consensus towards the move was basically this; the kid will need a diaper in his first champion’s league game because he will be so nervous. Many of the fans I was able to speak felt that Pato was just not worthy, but this will all have to be a wait and see type deal. I like the fact that Milan will hold off on his arrival until January giving Pato time to play as well as settle down before his debut, I just wish they could cancel the whole thing if the kid starts to stink up the joint.

Much of the general opinion from all fans was the Milan needs to buy defenders and fast, many tifosi calling for Zambrotta, Barzagli and Zaccardo all of whom have pretty much little to no chance of arrival before September. The other issue was that no one, I mean no on wants Emerson and would all much rather prefer Motta. Emerson may arrive sometime next week if it is going to happen and at this point I have become somewhat complacent with the inevitable possibility of a Brazilian starting eleven, I will cry when the red and black becomes the blue and yellow.

As for the preseason matches the team flat out looks rusty but in the few games showed flashes of great football. Brocchi oddly enough looks good but he just seems to work hard all the time but his time in the squad will be limited. Gattuso looks to be in good form both physically and verbally as he lashed out at Domenech for match fixing allegations and seems to be in good form prior the season. Much of the team is OK with the preseason in many of their comments while Ancelotti does not seem to be thrilled with the performances, I am not worried because most of the Seria A teams are awful in preseason anyway, it is after all just warm ups.

My time in the boot also allowed me to pay a visit to Stadio Olimpico and Stadio San Paolo both of which are awesome places to see a game. Seeing the these venues on TV does not them justice and seeing the stadium in action in the Birra Morretti Trophy was awesome even though the Inter triumph and the poor play from Napoli made me ill. Juve looks strong but is the depth that will do them in; it is still very hard to say that they will not finish in the top four but who knows. This season is shaping up to awesome and I can not wait for it to start.

That is enough for now because jet lag is a terrible and when my mind and body get back to US time I will post more and hopefully get a season preview for the Rossoneri as soon as possible.