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G Rossi Red Devil to Red and Black Devil?

Imagine my astonishment as I woke up this morning all blurry eyed and read that Milan may be on the trail of Italian-American wonderkid, Guiseppe Rossi. I thought I had woken up in some alternate universe where Milan targeted Italian players who were young and had plenty of talent. Well I went back to asleep for fear of other strange things happening but when I woke up again I saw that it was true.

This is pretty excited news because Rossi showed tons of heart last year to help resurrect Parma from the relegation and prove that he can hack it in Seria A. The other upside to this is Rossi, like me, is an avid Rossoneri fan with a chance, unlike myself, to play for his favorite club. I mean how could you go wrong this!? Silvio and Uncle Fester, I mean Galliani, will be meeting to put together a bid by Tuesday, Parma has offered around 6M pounds so Milan would have to up that by the money is there so lets get it done.

On a lighter note, congrats to Oliveria for his loan move to Zaragoza, why we could not just ship him out is beyond me, but at least he is off the bench, for now. Ronaldo has taken a verbal lashing from the Real Madrid crew who said the only reason they won La Liga is because Ronaldo left. I am unsure if I should be happy or upset; he did well upon his arrival but if he becomes a cancer to the team their will be serious problems. He seems to have his act together and is happy to be here, so time will tell. I love the way Real calls their superstars cancers to the team after they spend millions to bring them in, I wonder what they will say about Cassano on his way out the door.