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Saturday Afternoon Hangover

My plan to have a Saturday morning hangover post has degenerated into a Saturday afternoon hangover post, as the nights have gotten longer my mornings have become less productive and more recuperative. But unlike my hangover which slowly subsides, the rumors and news never go away so I must post on.

PATO: Ancelotti and Galliani made the trip to Montreal to see their pricey boy wonder. Galliani had already made it clear the Pato was to expensive, but Ancelotti really likes what he sees. I hope he was not watching the US-Brazil game, because the only good I saw was a Red Bull known as Jozy Altidore, that kid really is special. As for Pato, I know he is very young but he does not show that edge or tenacity that you see from other players in that age level, I mean Messi and Tevez are like caged dogs on the flanks when it comes to scoring. I just do not see what Ancelotti sees, but then again when have I ever.

EMERSON: Great news out of the Real camp, Emerson is staying put! My prayers have been answered as his agent confirmed that a move is far less imminent than first thought. This is quiet a relief because when El Puma, old cat in my vernacular, made his way to Milan for a physical I thought the deal was a good as done. I can not tell you how happy I am that I do not have to see his bald head and nonsensical tackles in the red and black. I wonder if Real is a little pissy about not being able to have to Kaka so they made Emerson stay? SUCKERS

KAKA: On that note, the Spanish newspaper rag AS is know saying that Kaka has requested a release clause or suggesting that one may already exist in his contract in case a grand once and a lifetime offer from Real Madrid comes along. This whole Kaka affair is getting to be ridiculous (not as much as Chivu though, and for that I am grateful) I have stated many times before that if he wants to go, fine, we can use the money as investment for better players. What I really would like to know is if Real Madrid really believes their own hype? Do they really think a Real clause should go in everyone good player’s contract so if they come calling the player will just leave? I mean they won La Liga on the last day of the season and have disappeared from cup competitions since 2003; they do not even have a coach! That team really needs to pull it together because at times I look at them and consider them a disgrace.

TEVEZ: The potential Milan target, even if it was only in my eyes, may not be a Red Devil just yet. There are some conflicting stories about the negotiations between Man U and West Ham. Joorabchian, who is working on the deal, says it should close next week, but the Icelandic West Ham United owner still claims Tevez is his? Something fishy is going on here and I like it. It may be some form of loan deal as I had read earlier but it does not look the clubs are working on the same page.

KALADZE: Kahka Kaladze is a target for Barcelona as well as Chelsea. Barca who has interest in Milito has stated that Kaladze would do the trick as well. This is interesting because both clubs have something that Milan wants Eto/Dinho/Zambrotta or Drogba(again maybe its only me, not the club)/Sheva. I know Kaladze will not net one of these players on a straight up trade but no one says the Milan brass cannot scratch someone’s back to get what they want. I have always been a big fan of Kaladze, he has learned and grown a ton at the San Siro but as long as Maldini and Nesta are in and Bonera(WHY OH WHY!) is in the mix Kaladze may not get the time he deserves and has clearly earned. He has stated many times in the past that at this stage in his career he would prefer to play regularly before he makes his move to politics. Kaladze has always been a class guy and I hope Milan can reward his class with whatever move he would prefer the most, if he wants to stay than great.