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The Striker Pool

It is inevitable that as the transfer period winds down and the season draws near, the pool of talent shrinks. The Rossoneri are very familiar with this because last summer they waited until the last day to fill the void that Sheva left at striker, let’s just say if the early bird gets the worm, the Rossoneri got nothing even close with the signing of Ricardo Oliviera. With that being said the transfer period is underway, and Milan have yet to make a big splash at all, they floundered around Suazo, but we all know where that went. They have already lost out on guys like Henry, and there is only so much nonsensical useless lust towards players I can not have, like Drogba, Robinho, and Quagliarella. Fear not Milan fans there are still plenty of available strikers out there and many of them are not even second rate.

Cassano: Talentino in Milan would be fun, but his style of play may not fit the system. He could either line up in front next to Ronaldo/Gila, or play behind them alongside Kaka; I just do not see this as a match made in heaven. Kaka loves Jesus and hogging the ball, while Cassano does not love Jesus and also likes the ball at his feet. This duo is going downhill fast. I personally would like Cassano at the San Siro, but sometimes what I like may not be best for the club.

Quaresma: Porto’s golden boy is an interesting target because of his skills and style but again does not fit the Ancelotti unless both he and Kaka were behind the forward. Could they co-exist, who knows? Kaka is a very unique player because of the role he fills between midfielders and forwards, but he makes it very hard to slot in other creative players from my point of view.

Villa: He is a quality option because he is true striker that can work side by side with Ronaldo/Gila. Plus he is not a guy that needs balls delivered to his boots to score; he can actually create things if needed.

Eto: The Cameroonian is the purest of strikers in the bunch with tons of finishing class, he may hardest to pry away from his current club, but may be worth it in the long run. Plus if he has half as much success as the last African import at the San Siro, super striker and political guru George Weah, then Eto will be a hero in no time. I also feel like his style is best suited to an Ancelotti system.

Santa Cruz: Roque is kind of dark horse in the race who I like more and more. He is a bit unneeded at Bayern with the arrival of Luca Toni, and his style is almost a carbon copy of Villa at a cheaper price; he also be the better locker room presence because he seems to have a bit less of an ego to him. Then again who am I to make these judgments from blogs just like this.

I would be interested to see if anyone else has any other targets or opinions on who we think could be sporting the Rossoneri shirt very soon.