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Chew on this

Just in case some of the snubees are reading this right now, I would like all of you to realize that AC Milan has sold 28,000+ season tickets. This is a ridiculous number of season tickets even for a club the size of AC Milan. There usual number is around 9-10K, so as you can see this is quite a jump. This totals about 8,854,637 Euro in revenue which in America money translates roughly to a SHITLOAD. What this means basically is that when Galliani mentioned that Pato was a bit on the pricey side, he could have meant that he either does not like Pato as a player and wanted him to still feel OK about himself, or the club have bigger and MORE EXPENSIVE things in mind.

With the cash flow en route Milan may actually retain Kaka, much to the chagrin of my last post and make a move for a one of the few available strikers left, David Villa anyone?? Then again with that much cash coming, who is to say they will not make a bigger splash and steal a Mr. Didier Drogba (a boy can dream can’t he.)

Much of my last post was done is a sleep deprived haze, we all know very well that Milan will use this huge influx of cash to either buy Ronaldinho for no apparent reason other than trying to assemble the starting eleven of the quarterfinal losing Brazil, or throw huge sums of money at Sheva so he comes crawling back to the San Siro. In the process they will inexplicably link themselves with tons of very attractive players who will turn the club in the end…the saga continues.