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57M is not all that bad

Let us hypothesize for a moment…Real Madrid wants Kaka bad, right now, about 57M bad. In the past I have said that the right amount of money could usually lure anyone anywhere, see Schevchenko and Ballack. When does Galliani swallow his pride and sell his golden boy for a TON of money and a huge amount of investment capital. If Calderon and company come back offering around 65M, the Rossoneri would be absolutely idiotic to not take that kind of cash. In his four years at Milan, the man in question 39 Seria A goals, and 19 Champions League Goals. I do give him credit for all that, but there are many occasions when Ricky Kaka makes me wish he was playing somewhere far far away, one of the key things I have noticed about his play is when the going gets tough Ricky gets going. So why not take Real’s money and maybe a player like Robinho or even on of Real’s many defenders. The doors this could open are to many to pass up:

-For all of you Ronaldinho it will open a place on the squad for him, even though I prefer it did not, having ‘Dinho and Kaka on the same team will yield the same results as WC06, nothing.

-Invest the money in a few need positions: striker, defense, …basically anywhere but midfield.

-Lastly if you have that kind of money in hand you can go ahead and get whatever player you want to replace Kaka, which brings back my Ronaldinho fears, but I think you all get the picture.

On a completely unrelated, nonsoccer note, I uncovered this website today which I just had to share with the world, WOW. I know where my career is going...