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Quick, Get that Guy a Pen

For the first time in what seems like ages, a player has not snubbed Milan. I know he is not top tier world class, but he is not slouch either. The player with the itchy signing hand is Roque Santa Cruz of Copa America Quarterfinal bound Paraguay. I know my favorite Romanista Chris will not be to happy, because Santa Cruz loves Totti and Roma, but I will be damned if we let a player with even an ounce of non-snubbing interest get away.

I was able to get a glimpse of Roque in both Copa America matches and have to say that I am impressed with his ability and creativity. He reminds me bit of David Villa, when it comes to build and ability as well. The nice thing about Roque is he is not a starlet by any means and would be a happy with his time on the pitch and seems to be the type of guy that would work for time instead of expecting it like the rest of those good for nothing stikers sitting on the bench. Plus at 25 years of age, and the right price from Bayern (possibly free), it seems like a great idea.