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Saturday Afternoon Hangover, Mission to the Motherland

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Tomorrow I will be leaving for the Mother Land of Italy in attempt to pay homage to the Rossoneri and also to attend the Uniti Dalla Maglia ceremony at the San Siro on 7/31. It is supposedly going to be a meet and greet and the taking of the official team picture. I am excited for the festivities as well as seeing my family on a little tour of Italy. I am a bit upset though because this year’s team photo is about as close to last year’s team photo as you can get, the only people missing will be Oliveira and Grimi, neither of whom I care for all the much. The only addition will be Ibrahim Ba. I have yet to find out if he his hair is still bleached and I will try to relay that. Because of the ten day excursion I will be able to do very little in the way of posting but will def be in to respond to comments and relay any findings while I am in the boot.

The transfer window for Milan is looking more and like a three horse brazilian race with Pato, Motta, and Baptiste all pretty legitimate targets. All three bring their own positives and negatives to the table, but none look like a sure fire bets at this point. Pato has got age and upside, but Ancellotti is firm on stressing that if Pato arrives it will be in the January window. No one is giving specific details for this but Carletto will look pretty silly if Pato is in Madrid, Chelsea, or even Inter before September.

Baptiste is my least favorite despite his nickname of "The Beast." Many people compare his style of play to that of Adriano which is useless to me because every time Adriano is on the field it looks like a poor performance. The Beast has also stated a desire to stay put to continue to prove himself, GREAT. I would much rather prefer Motta, but his injury woes worry me. I know that with the right physio staff this can be remedied, but then again some guys just have the bug. Either way, if I had to take one, I would want Motta, shearly on the fact the he can keep Pirlo fresh for the long campaign.

I just do not understand why Milan’s targets all have to some funny little quirk that makes me wonder why on Earth we are even pursuing them. There is roughly a month left in this window I will be pretty upset if ends like last year, with close to nothing.

Next week Real and Milan will meet in Moscow to play, but more importantly to probably discuss Baptiste. I am sure that if this deal goes down this is when it will happen. I can see it play now, Galliani says he will give x amount of euros for Baptiste, Calderon and company will agree and then throw in Emerson for free. Then Calderon will throw bags of Euros at Galliani for Kaka, Galliani will refuse and the entire deal will fall through and everyone will be go home empty handed. The other scenario is Milan comes home with Baptiste and Emerson, and I will be leaping from my Alitalia return flight from shear frustration and disgust. Ah the joys of being a fan.

See you all in week or so.