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Lets Talk Motta

I am on the fence on Thiago Motta. He is a player with tons of upside and only twenty four which is awesome. The other great thing about Motta is his position which will help relieve Pirlo or even better, move Pirlo further up into the attack. Picture this: a lone striker with Pirlo and Kaka behind, three midfielders: Gattuso, Motta, Ambrosini and four defenders. I like it already. I just hope that Motta’s injury worries can be remedied at AC Milan, because the addition of a healthy youngster is huge. I have to say I am impressed, which is why I am still not sold on this move. The man who took Motta’s spot at Barca, Toure, would have been a nice pick up as well but either one will fill the role nicely.

I hope they can actually square this one away, I am sure many of you are wondering why I am embracing this Brazilian and not others? Motta seems to be more industrious than many of his countrymen and also knows he will have to work for his spot as opposed to a pre-Madonna Selecao who is expecting a spot on the team instead of earning it, plus it helps that Mommy and Daddy are from Italy.

The rest of the squad is apparently feeling good and Massimo Oddo has stirred the Inter rivalry pot again by saying that Inter are not favorites for Serie A. I like the rivalry and I LOVE the smack talk; it adds a little spice to an occasionally dull derby and I LIKE IT. The past few years, prior to 06-07, Inter had not been as competitive and I am glad that this derby is really heating up. Both Pirlo and Gila have taken Oddo’s side as well so expect the banter to continue quite nicely.

As for the Pato, he will make his decision soon but it is looking unlikely that he will be a Rossoneri by August, more likely January if he does not move to Chelsea or Real or even Inter (nothing like twelve strikers on roster, IDIOTS). I do not really understand this whole debacle yet so opinions and takes on this are greatly appreciated, we can hash it out together.