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Wednesday Milan Musings

Thanks to Martha for sparing me from having to write countless useless words about Kaka’s brother Digao. All I can say is this smells like favoritism at work and if the kid cannot hack it he needs to be shown the door. I do not care whose brother, son, father, or college roommate he is, if he can play welcome to the team if you can’t then ARRIVEDERCI.

The mystery striker business waged on from Uncle Fester today. He was very coy about Julio Baptiste and also about the prospectus of bringing in Pato. This whole mystery will settle down soon though because Pato is supposedly on the brink of a decision, and at this point your guess is as good as mine.

On a bit of a comedic point Azzuri goalie, Gianluigi Buffon, has claimed that he wants to play until he is 40, like the great Dino Zoff before him. This means guys like Abbiati and Amelia can kiss their national team caps goodbye. I am all in favor of Gigi playing for a long time, because it is a well known fact that the older the goalie, the more experience he has, and the more value he has between the pipes. I just cannot see him going for that long, he seems like he is one acting gig away from leaving soccer, on the spectrum of odd people Gigi is up there on my list. Sometimes I cannot even tell what is going on with him, during a game at Giants Stadium I watched him pull his shorts up and down from the inseam like fifteen times while the ball was on the other side of the pitch. I had no idea what was going on and was almost embarrassed as people around me asked what on Earth he was doing, I wish I could find the pictures, weird.

It looks like the Rossoneri have completely quit on any defensive additions this off season. Many fans would argue that they have completely quit on this entire transfer window, I am inclined to agree. I brought up a point a few posts back discussing the Rossoneri’s inability to compete on all competitive levels from the Champions League through the Coppa Italia, I just do not see how this could be possible with our current roster and real lack of talent in the youth teams. The main squad is strong and experienced; but as those key parts are taken off the pitch, it does not leave a very menacing lineup throughout the roster. As a fan I appreciate their consistent goal to win the Champions League, but I wouldn’t mind a season of utter dominance like way back in the early nineties. I am not complaining but I just wouldn’t mind a few trophies a year.

The "Kaka Face of the Franchise" discussions have yet to subside and at this stage I am not sure if I can continue bitching about or just let it rest for now. I am just waiting for Gattuso to awake from his summer slumber and bite someone’s head off. If I was him I would be a bit slighted, that man has worked his ass off for this club and he sometimes does not get the respect he deserves. I just watched the replay of Man U-AC Milan second leg and it is evident they do not win that game without him, period.