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Inzaghi turned down RBNY, RBNY better off

Pippo Inzaghi claims to have turned down RBNY of the MLS, even though they would have "covered him in gold" which are the words that the Champions League legend chose. I have to say that I am a little bit upset this, the Red Bulls are my favorite MLS team, remember they were once the Metrostars (should have never changed) sporting the Rossoneri (should have never changed) and home to all time great Milanista legend and Azzuri coach, Roberto "THE DON" Donadoni. It would have been a win, win situation for both Red Bulls and Milan, the Bulls would have got a solid striker and Milan and empty roster spot that can be used for a young striker on the right side of thirty. In the long run the deal has worked out better for RBNY because Juan Pablo Angel is dirty and Pippo well is just offside, ALL THE TIME. The skill set of each striker is almost incomparable because Pippo does little else but score, while Angel can do a bit of everything.

The Old Puma, Emerson, seems to be bit a confused about which Milan team he wants to come get him. His old drinking buddy, that was low, Adriano has requested the Puma at the Nerazzuri camp but the Matrix has requested that he not be brought in because just last year Emerson said that Inter caused Juve’s demotion and that Zlatan and Vieira were traitors for going to Inter. Quite frankly I hope they all fight death and Zlatan comes to Milan but anything that keeps ol’man Emerson out of Milan is good news to me.