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Monday Milan Musings

What exactly are insurmountable obstacles? That is question that only one Silvio Berlusconi may answer. This is his reason for giving up on bringing Sheva back to the San Siro and finally (YAY!!!) giving up on Ronaldinho. He has however said that someone will be joining the team soon, most likely a striker. If he is anything like our signing of the summer Ibrahim Ba, it will not be long before the arrival Christian Dugarry or maybe even Patrick Kluivert…

Ancelotti also made his voice heard today saying that this Milan side is still strong even though they could not add his personal favorite Sam Eto. I have always said that Eto was a good fit at Milan because he can score and dish but who is to say that someone else in that mold cannot be bought. Both Sil and Carletto did mention Pato, which makes me wonder if they will be willing to make the investment on him.

This is no longer about "insurmountable obstacles," it has become what seems to be an unwillingness to spend the money earned in the past season. The side is not strong enough to complete the Seria A & Champions League double as it is. The depth and youth necessary for this kind of run is not present, and nothing has been done to even rectify it a little bit. It is time for Berlusconi and company to get on their hands and knees and beg a David Villa type striker to make his way to the San Siro or it will be a long Seria A campaign especially in the months where Champions League games are mixed in. It is no shock or surprise to anyone that Milan’s chips are always in Europe and they will sacrifice the scudetto for a Champions Cup anyday, but why can’t such a strong team compete for both, and even the Coppa Italia.