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Just some Sunday ranting

I would like to take this opportunity to expand a bit on some great comments from J and K on a past post. The guys brought up some great points about the defense being on the wrong side of thirty, but having the potential to be well cycled and rested throughout the season. Eight years is optimistic for Nesta but he has three more almost guaranteed, this is why the Cannavaro rumors are not all that bad. Canna can come in and play alongside whomever so that everyone can be consistently rested. This also allows some more flexibility in the wingbacks so that guys like Kaladze, Janks, Cafu, Oddo, and Serginho can be cycled throughout. The way it stands right now Milan can probably field two solid defenses, just a bit old. This does not mean we cannot get a little help from some Azzuri studs like Canna or Zambrotta, which is probably where the focus should be.

A big name is not necessary up front but the front office should not blatantly lie to the fans about seeking world class talent. A while back I posted about this season’s ticket sales being the highest on record, it may have had a little something to do with all the transfer banter but it is time to deliver on all the talk. The Suazo failure was truly a disgrace and the rest of the transfer window is taking on the same tone. Other than the main man Shehan I do not think many fans are even expecting or want Ronaldinho, but an able bodied striker is a must to compliment old man Pippo and company. The next coming weeks will really make or break this off-season for the Rossoneri and really let the fans know if we can expect a true contender in the Seria A.

Chew on this:
Milan 17 Scudettos
Inter 15 Scudettos

We cannot let those numbers get any closer!!!!