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Milan fans are not children

The only person more bipolar and flip flopping than Uncle Fester, Galliani, has to be the fickle owner Silvio Berlusconi. Can you believe that just after a few days of promising the joys of a new world class striker Galliani has rescinded this and stated that the attack is fine and that no bids were made? Does this make anyone else completely confused?

Look Fester, Milan fans are not children you can not promise us one thing on Monday and then change your mind on Thursday. The team is not fine; strikers could use a big name, but what about defense!!!!! We cannot continue to compete at the highest level with out making additions to the team to remain young, deep on the bench, and highly competitive. The bottom line is that this is unacceptable. A team that has a just won the Champions Cup needs to make a splash to stay on top of their game. I am going to watch MLS, screw you Galliani and I am still fuming about Cowherd, feel free to post your thoughts on Cowherd and the lack of excitement from the Milan brass.