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Slow day + Cowherd = Angry Ranting

Today was painfully quiet day on the transfer front. We had some rousing comments regarding Berlusconi’s severed balls, Amantino Mancini as a transfer target (much to Chris’s chagrin), and no one on Earth wanting Vagner Love. Other than that there was little to no news or even conversation on anything.

I did catch something as I was flipping through the Sirius radio today, I stumbled upon Giorgio Chinaglia’s radio show and he was up in arms about ESPN shock jock, Colin Cowherd, bad mouthing soccer once again. Cowherd is a repeat offender and I began to wonder if Giorgio’s ranting was even worth it.

First of all it is safe to say that ESPN is awful at broadcasting soccer to the US audience (the WC last year was a different story), but the MLS camera angles, side line reporting, and all around packaging is not all that great. It is hard to see the sport succeed with all those split screens and the cutaways during actual offensive plays. It is also safe to say that ESPN would much rather have Arena football succeed because they have a vested interest in the league, and in MLS not so much.

My ranting and raving is leading to this point. As soccer fans how many times have you had to explain your passion for "Soccer", how many of you have had to explain why it is so exciting and blah, blah, blah. Just today I had to fight some guy on an open soccer field to stop chipping golf balls so we could play pick up. I am just sick of all the bs, I don’t want to have to explain my enjoyment of soccer to any one anymore. I am also done asking people if they want to catch a game or check out some YouTube videos. If people do not want to watch then f*ck em, they don’t know what they are missing. Go watch American football where a three hour game has only 20 minutes of actual play or even better listen to Colin Cowherd who is an embarrassment to American’s who share this view below.

"Soccer is politically correct, futile and relatively safe. Who would want to pay money to watch something like that?"

Please post any comments about situations where you have had to "justify" your love for the beautiful game, or just ran into some stubborn asshole who said soccer was for fairies. Sorry for the ranting but I just could not keep it to myself anymore, and I want everyone else’s take for a nice, cheery email to Mr. Cowherd.