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Eto back in the Spotlight

Another day, another Barca player with a possible, supposed offer, today’s player of choice is none other than Samuel Eto. Eto is from Cameroon, likes long walks on the beach, looking for a trophy winning commitment and sharing the spotlight with Brazilians…oops that got out of hand.

The bid is around $56M with a subsequent $8M per year contract for four years. Eto is and has always been the first choice for Ancelotti, who at times seems to be the only rational stooge between himself, Berlusconi, and Galliani. Ancelotti claims that Eto will best fit the Rossoneri system, and is a better investment than ‘Dinho, and I have to agree with him. Eto is a three tool striker, ball at his feet, passer, and target, and will work nicely with any partner up front and Kaka behind. His style is very similar to that of TH14, Thierry Henry, so Eto may warm to a Milan move.

If this bid fails, Milan will have very little time to get a second move on the table. I am beginning to think they will wait for the Chelsea boys to return before completing any moves in case they do want to swing in for Sheva or Drogba. As reported yesterday, Mourinho has renewed faith in Sheva, and Kalu is chomping at the heels of the starters to fill the striker role, so the more and more I think about it the more expendable Drogba can become. One further note to bring up is that whatever striker is purchased, if he is from an African nation he will be away in January for national team duty. Chelsea is screwed either way with both Kalu and Drogba away; Barca has a bit more flexibility even with the dynamite move of Guily to Roma (suckers).

I just want to take a moment to gripe about Ricky Kaka, who has pledged himself to Milan and shooed away any advances from his national team. Both he and Ronaldinho requested to be left of the Copa America squad that went on to win the cup. I think this is a terrible thing for any player to do and should not be allowed without some form of fine or punishment to the organization. Landon Donovan did the same thing for the US, and then complained about the team’s performance, while Totti continues to string along the Azzuri, these are National team heroes and need to behave as such. I appreciated Kaka’s pledge to the club, but he should not forget his home in the process.