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Monday Milan Musings

Uncle Fester, Galliani to all you non-faithul readers, is on the offensive. The general manager is claiming that Milan’s attack but they are targeting strikers who shall remain nameless. Tell us something we do not already know. But alas, Galliani spilled the beans naming Pato, Eto, Sheva, Drogba and ‘Dinho, way to keep a secret. He has also mentioned that a sixth person is in the mix but would not be named.

I wonder why the other five flew out but this sixth man is a mystery, who could this unnamed striker be? It could be a young Italian like Quags or Rossi but after the Gila mediocrity I am beginning to think that Milan will stray away from an Italian, in fact Galliani even hinted that he is non-EU. This rules out guys like Villa, but leaves the market open for Santa Cruz. When the smoke clears I am sure Wagner Love will be the new striker and I can raise a toast to nothing.

Back to the Drogba/Sheva possibility for a moment, the special one, Jose Mourinho has stated he has regained faith in Sheva and would love to see him in top form alongside Drogba. This basically says to me that these two guys are staying put, but it can also be challenge to both of them in preseason. Milan will not wait for one of these players until the January transfer window so it will probably have to be sooner than later. I do believe that the longer the Chelsea camp roles on the more untouchable these two guys will become. Given the choice of the two my heart is set on Drogba, I am OK with Sheva but the Ivorian is a monster in the attacking third and I think would be a huge asset to the San Siro. Plus he stopped a civil war, is there anything that the man cannot do.