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You read that correctly. The AC Milan side of 1987-1991 has been named the greatest club side of all time.

Let's recall all the trophies won by the Milan side coached by Arrigo Sacchi:

1987-88: Scudetto

1988-89: European Champions Cup, Italian Supercup

1989-90: Intercontinental Cup, European Supercup, and European Champions Cup

1990-91: Intercontinental Cup, European Supercup

Let us also recall the roster as well, including and not limited to legends such as Baresi, Tassotti, Van Basten, Guillit, Rijkaard, Maldini, Costacurta, Donadoni, and Albertini. I have to personally thank this team because it was this squad that began my love affair with AC Milan, most notably the 89-90 Champions Cup, the first game I can remember watching as a child from start to finish. If it was not for that glorious side I may now be a Juve fan, or even worse Inter (just thinking about it makes me sick). Thank you to "World Soccer" magazine for the distinction and congrats the club and all its fans, including the ones who write glorious blogs, ahem, ME.