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Grimi Loan Complete

Grimi is in fact being loaned but not to Sporting Lisbon as originally thought but instead to Siena of Seria A. Please do not all yawn at once, but my job is to report news even if it is as boring as the current transfer window for the Rossoneri.

If you all remember correctly Grimi is the pompous little bastard who self proclaimed himself to be the heir apparent to Paolo Maldini. Well kid looks like you can learn to hold Maldini's jock strap somewhere else. I can not even believe the nerve of someone to say that, I mean this is the Captain, a man who claims his soul is Red and Black, that is deep. Regardless, I hope he does well and is sold off as soon as possible, If anyone is taking over for Paolo, it better one of his kids. YOU HAVE TO SEE THAT TACKLE.