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Most Boring Transfer Window EVER?

Today Vicenzo Iaquinta, former Milan target and Azzuri hero, has stated that Juventus have done better than Inter and Milan in the transfer window. Vicenzo, I will agree with you wholeheartedly there on the Rossoneri front.

Can you believe that only signing Milan have made so far is Ibrahim Ba, yes old man Ba back in Red and Black. I mean outside of tons of rumors the Rossoneri have made no substantial moves, or even substantial discussions. Maybe I am jealous because I want scandalous Chivu type transgers, but even the Suazo debacle was solved without whimper.

The other thing I wanted to point about Iaquinta’s quote was the he only mentioned Milan and Inter as competition in Seria A for Juventus. Does this not disturb anyone? What happened to Roma and Lazio are they doomed to go back to the middle of the table, I personally think Roma is a scudetto favorite, Chris will probably hate me for the jinx, but that did not seem like a wise remark on Iaquinta’s part. I do believe that Juve will be extremely competitive next season but their depth is an issue that will be challenged by many of the Seria A clubs. Please excuse me while I go searching for a shred of dignity in the return of Ba.