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Why oh Why?

I think it is nearly impossible to convey my disappointment and anger that goes along with these absurd Ronaldinho to the San Siro rumors. I am fully aware that these rumors have become less and less absurd, but the amount of money that Milan are willing to spend is ridiculous. ‘Dinho’s buyout clause is close to 89M pounds and Berlusconi has stated time and time again that he would be willing to pay that.

Let’s look at this with a critical eye. Milan’s needs are in the front, strikers, and in the back, wingbacks, instead of addressing those needs they are going to throw another mid into the mix. This means that Pirlo, Kaka, and Gattuso will now have a fourth running mate in Rolandinho. Goodbye Seedorf, and so much for the commitment to Gourcuff. Even if Ancellotti plays a lone striker either Ronaldo or Gila, I am leaning more towards big Ron; he can play ‘Dinho and Kaka behind him and then line up three midfielders in front of the defense. This makes much more sense and seems a bit more plausible with the players on roster but this system does not always prove successful. A guy like Big Ron is easily marked buy a class defender leaving Kaka and ‘Dinho with all that much more work, don’t get me wrong they may thrive in Seria A but class defenders will not allow that striker much success.

I am going to go back to sulking and hoping that this deal somehow falls through. I remember reading somewhere that ‘Dinho was dating Rijkaard’s daughter I really hope that whole rumor is true and that she is such a fine piece of ass that it keeps ‘Dinho at Barca, or Henry has a love fest with ‘Dinho and they have hopes of winning it all, I mean I am out of ideas here. Am I being irrational here? Should I welcome him with open arms? Its going to be a long day…