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No News is Good News

Not if your blogging on your club's wheelings and dealings, damnit. I would be lying if I said there was no news at all, but I have grown tired of the consistent courting of Ronaldinho, or what I refer to now as the terribly blatant man crush that Berlusconi has on 'Dinho. Berlusconi has said recently, and in the past that if he was going to make a financial investment this transfer window that it would be on 'Dinho. The two clubs have a great relationship so a deal is always possible, especially when Silvio is approaching Barca higher ups on a personal level. I do not like the deal as a Rossoneri fan but the camp is a bit divided even through readers of the blog. It looks as though this is becoming more than just a flirtatious rumor but something that can gain some serious ground in the next few days or weeks.

The G Rossi deadline day has come and gone with the only signing of anyone at the San Siro is Gourcuff. The french "ladyman" has been granted a contract until 2012 for doing, in my opinion, absolutely nothing. His champions league match against Celtic was very nice, I will always give credit where it is due, but he did very little otherwise. I hope that if Milan are going to commit that much time to a player that Carletto at least puts him on the pitch next season.